About Us

With a separate team of professionals in each company

Global Network
International trade consulting firm - Started in 1996  

Global Network (GN) is an international trade advisory firm counselling SME's , artisans & corporates to connect them to international markets. GN has led 140 trade delegations to 5 continents. GN has also hosted 39 trade delegations from overseas into India & other countries. We conduct third country trade delegations too, like USA delegation to Turkey, China delegation to Europe, Pakistan delegation to Sweden, USA delegation to China, Afghanistan delegation to Germany, Afghanistan delegation to USA etc…. 
WEB : www.globalnetworkindia.com

Global Network Institute
Training institute - Started in 1997 

A Training school for International Trade Management Started in 1997.
GNI is an international trade training school, conducting training for SME's, Corporates & artisans.
GNI has conducted 450+ seminars in India & abroad (17400+ Companies & artisans trained)
GNI has conducted 138 batches of Certified International Trade Experts (CITE) in international trade management (4000+ students benefited).
GNI organizes trade & investment seminars also.