GLOBAL NETWORK – International Trade Consulting Firm , India

Global Network, ( GN ) an International Trade Consulting & Training Firm is based in Ahmedabad. Company profile & CV of the promoter is mentioned in & GN has conducted 419 export seminars in India on different topics of international trade management for SBI, UNIDO, MINISTRY OF TEXTILES, SIDBI, Ministry of IT, Ministry of MSME etc. GN has conducted 110 batches of Diploma Course In International Trade Management in Ahmedabad , for business persons . More than 2500 students have passed from the course since its inception in 1996. GN has taken 98 business delegation from india to abraod for Exports.

We propose a course as follows :

1. Program “ How to use internet for exports “

2. Duration: Total 2 Days

3. Program content :

[1] How to set up your export business on the Internet.

[2] How to design a Website.

[3] Where to host the Website.

[4] Modern tools to attach to your website like – auto responder.

[5] How to register your website.

[6] How to market your website.

[7] How to do business browsing.

· What is “Smart” business browsing

· Focus on exports of Products

· How to do Market Research on the internet

[8] How to advertise in the internet

[9] How to check credibility of Importer on the internet

[10] Practical Tips on Innovative Emailing.

[11] How to ensure response to your emails / Websites.

[12] How to search overseas agents and check their credibility for export through Internet.

[13] How to identify textile exhibitions around the world through the internet.

[14] How to make your Foreign Business tour successful through the net INFO system.

[15] Personal experience of an export entrepreneur ­ on internet, as a tool for Export Marketing.

[16] Warehousing ­ Info on the internet.

[17] Import duties in 185 countries.

[18] Statistical Info on exports from INDIA / Imports into different country .

[19] WTO and it”s implications to the Industry in India in the internet.

[20] How to become an Intelligent exporter through the internet.

[21] Practical, “ONLINE” exposure to internet as a tool for Exports.

[22] How to find out export Incentives and apply for it in the internet.

[23] How to Learn business etiquettes in different country through the internet.

[24] How to do Country focused and Product focused research on the internet.

[25] How to research Fashion / Trend changes in the world through the internet.

[26] How to minimize export risk through the internet.

[27] How to search All Export-Import related Forms / Documents / Rules / Circulars Trade notices etc.


[1] Jagat Shah , MBA , Certified Management Consultant – CEO, Global Network ( International Trade Consulting & Training Firm ), Ahmedabad, INDIA.

· 23 Years of experience in Exports.
· Traveled To 44 countries for marketing. Based abroad for many years.
· Conducted 419 Export Seminars
· Taking 98 Business Delegations / Catalog Shows to Foreign Markets
· UNIDO Cluster Development Programs for International Linkages

* Conducted seminars for Textile Committee, Ministry Of Textiles, SIDBI, SBI, UNIDO, etc.